Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Things about me and my character!

My name is Manolis,I come from Greece and I live in Heraklion.Also I am thirteen years old.I am quite short,I have brown eyes and hair.I play basketball and volleyball too!In my spare time I like to play computer games,reading comics and listening to music. (Full stop) In addition to this my favourite types of music are rap,pop and sometimes I listen to jazz.My favourite singer of rap is Eminem or Marshall Mathers,my favourite singer of pop is Katy Perry and my favourite singer of jazz is Miles Davis.I go to the second grade of junior highschool and my favourite subjects are P.E,computers' science,geography and English lessons but I hate maths and ancient greek.
Now I will talk to you about my personality.Well I am a quite confident,hard-working,optimistic,funny and a little bit disorganised guy. However, I get angry with bossy,annoying,critical and aggresive people, although I get on well with people who are unselfish,friendly and nice with me.

This is a short video which explores Crete.