Saturday, October 25, 2014

Technology in the classroom

                       Technology in the classroom

             The use of  innovative technology in the classroom is a new educational method. According to this method students use the types of technology like desktop computers, tablets or laptops during their lesson. This way of learning is better for students, teachers and our environment but sometimes it can also be little dangerous.

            First of all, there are a lot of advantages of using technology in the classroom. We go paperless in order not to cut any more trees which is really good and helpful for our environment. This way of learning helps students too. They become sociable by communicating with foreign students. In this way, (comma) they can exchange ideas or their view on different things. They become open minded and they learn new things. Also, they become knowledgeable due to their access to online encyclopedias, dictionaries and translators. Disabled students are also a part of this method by using a special keyboard and a special visual pronunciation at translator websites
This should go to paragraph 2 with the advantages--> Technology helps teachers, too. Teachers can be further prepared for the lessons and more organised. They make lessons more interesting and students could be more focused on them

On the other hand, technology in classroom can be a really bad influence for students who could easily forget the wide variety of interactive activities they are doing and become unfocused. (any other problems? internet dangers?)

            In conclusion, I think that technology in the classroom is a really nice idea which can provide students with knowledge and help them become better and more sociable if they use it carefully. Technology is blessing if we use it properly.

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