Sunday, October 26, 2014

Writing a letter to Mrs Jackson about the babysitting group

Dear Mrs Jackson,

Thanks for your letter. How is John? I heard that he was ill.       
I'd really like to join your babysitting group, because I need money. I have always got on well with young children. I am confident with them and I believe that most of the children will love me. I'll try to be more organised, mature and responsible with them.    

Unfortunately, my friend George goes with his family on holiday every weekend. However, as my twin brother, Bill, loves young children, he will join your babysitting group. He's a bit immature, but he is very responsible and organised. He is also patient with young children so don't worry about anything!               

I look forward to my first babysitting mission. 

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  1. Bravo fantastic blogger Elpi!!! You can leave an empty line between the paragraphs so that the readers of the blog can read your letter more easily on their screen.