Saturday, October 26, 2013

Informal Letter to an e-friend

Dear David,

       As for my personal details, I'm Marinos and I'm the same age as you. Thanks for your letter. I'm glad you wrote to me after you found my profile on the Webpal International site.

      I was born in Heraklion and I lived here ever since with family. Heraklion is the largest city on Crete. I live in a family house which is about 20 minutes from the center by car. My school is only 10 ninutes' walk from there. In my area there are many different shops to buy some souvenirs. For example supermarket "Chalkiadakis" is near my house. Moreover, my house is near a gym and in front of it is a park with different kinds of trees and flowers. Furthermore, I have got a sister who is 15 years old and her name is Rafaela. Also, I haven't got a pet but I want one! My parents disagree with me.

     I spend my spare time listening to music because it relaxes me and also the lyrics make me more enthusiastic. My favourite Pop singer is Rihanna. In addition to that, I really like to hang out  with my friends and go to the cinema on weekends. Also, on Sundays my family and I usually go to our village and meet my grandparents. Moreover, every day after school my friends and I go for a walk or go to an internet-cafe'. Furthermore, I enjoy playing computer games on the internet or playing football with my friends every friday evening. Also, every day after I do my homework, I watch tv with my parents or a DVD with adventure.

   The reason why I want a penfriend is because it is a great opportunity to improve my English, especially my writing skills and also I want to learn more about your interests and your country. Please tell me!

    Write soon! I look forward to your next letter!


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  1. Great letter, Marinos! I have underlined a few typographical mistakes I discovered, but it was an amazing attempt overall! Keep blogging, agent M! :-)