Sunday, October 13, 2013

Speaking questions

1. Do you come from a large family or small family?
There are three of us in my family. My mother,my father and I. I also have one dog whose name is Candy and one turtle. My father also has an impressive aquarium.

2. Do you often see your grandparents?
Actually, I see my father's parents every day because we live in the same block of flats, (commas!) but I usually see my mother's parents usually at the weekends.

3. Do you get on well with your friends? 
I get on well with my friends. Sometimes we have an argument but we always make up again. I remember a huge argument that we had and we were not friends (we had fallen out) for months. But now we are true friends again.

4. What kind of things do you do together?
We usually hang out or we go to Tallos and watch a movie. We always have a great time together.

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  1. Read the underlined expressions again, Eve! It was definitely good work, but you can use even better words!