Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My summer holidays

My holidays

   Every summer, I have a great time in my holidays.Also, this year I think was one the best summers in my life.

   First of all, I went some days in my village,Voni. I really loved the walks with my friends and the night-jokes in the cafe of the village.Some days later, I went for 4 days in Sitia.It was the first time I visited the west part of Crete. Sitia is a nice place with lots of things to do in the city-centre.I also visited Vai, the beautiful palm-tree place.The bay was really clean and the water was light blue, but a little cold. After that interesting 4-day excursion, I came back to Heraklio.

 Even the weather was hot, it was windy, so I couldn't go to the beach.In addition to that, I didn't disappoint.I met my friends every day, from morning till the night. Together we had great time. The summer was ending, so we decided to do a party to "end" our holidays, even though I meet them again every day. The party was amazing! We danced, drunk, laughed and other things that I don't think I'm going to forget..

  September was here and schools started, but I'm never going to forget this summer !

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  1. Great summer memories Fotis! We'll have an amazing winter, too!