Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My summer

   This summer was a little different from the other summers. It was different with the good meaning because I did some things that I haven't done it before. 
   This summer I had English lessons. So I had to wake up early four days a week. But at English lessons we always had a great time. The three days that I didn't have any lessons, my family and I went to our cottage which is in Gouves. There, we went every day swimming and I played video games.
   Also, in the summer we went for three days to Rethymno. There we had a great time. We stayed at a hotel and we went to swim at little places near to Rethymno. 
                                        This summer was one of the best of my life.

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  1. Superb memories George! Yes, we had an amazing time in the summer, but don't forget to write carefully on the blog! Do not directly translate from Greek to English! :-)