Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My summer!

I liked this summer very much! It was one of the best of my life because I did some things that I didn't expect to do.

This summer I went to my village Malia where we have a house. Some days after my family and I went for a 3-day holiday in Kalamata and other 3 days in Patra. It was an unforgettable journey. We stayed in two different hotels which were big and beautiful. Every day we went for walks, we discovered new places and we had a great time together.

When I came back to Malia I went every day to the beach. I spend many hours there and that was fantastic. When I went back to home from the beach I usually went for walks with my friends. When I didn't go for walks I usually rode my bike. Futhermore, I played volleyball and tennis with my sister and football with some other children.

This summer was incredible and I will never forget it! 

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  1. I feel jealous Georgia, your holidays sound fantastic! As I have already said, we are going to have an amazing winter, too! :-)