Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Personal Speaking Questions

1. Where do you live or where do you come from?

I am from Heraklion and I have been living here since I was born. The area where I live in is called Mastabas and it's a popular area full of shops and cafes.

2. Can you tell me something about your town?

My town is big. It has many cafeterias shops and other places where you can go and spend your time. Futhermore, my town has hospitals, banks, sports centres and other facilities.

3. Do you work or are you a student?

I am a student of the third grade at junior high school. My school is near the city centre and it's called Kapetanakio. It's very big and beautiful. 

4. What do you like about your school?

My school is very clean and this is something that I really like. Also it's big and very beautiful. Futhermore, it has a computer room and a chemistry room where we can carry out experiments and learn different things.

5. What time do you go to school? 

Every day I go to school at 8 am but it is 15 minutes on foot from my house so I must leave 15 minutes earlier.

6. What time do you come home from school?

School finishes at 2 pm but it is a long way back home so I arrive about 15 or 20 minutes later. 

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