Monday, October 14, 2013

PET Speaking Questions

Do you come from a large or a small family?
In my family there are the four of us: my mum called Androniki, who is a school consultant, my dad called John, who is a civil engineer, my 11-year-old sister called Marianna and I. We aren't a large family but we are happy together.

Do you often see your grandparents?

In fact, I see my mum's parents every day because they live in the same apartment block with us, (comma) but to be honest I don't often see my dad's mother.

Do you get on well with your sister and w
hat kind of things do you do together?

Actually, a few years ago we didn't get on well with my sister at all. She didn't behave good  treat me well, so we used to quarrel all the time. However, now she has changed a lot. She isn't rude to me anymore and we can do lot of things together. We are going (go: present simple for habits) shopping, we are chatting (chat) and we are having (have) fun and we play many games together.

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  1. Bravo Catherine! I have underlined and changed a few things, but the answers were generally great!