Sunday, August 21, 2011

An Article

In this post I will write about an unusual sport.


 Can you imagine a sport where the husband has to carry his wife and run carrying her?Well this sport exists and it's called wife-carrying.It began in the Northern Europe in the 70's although now it takes place in most of the European countries.

 The first time particularly wife-carrying took place was in Germany in 1973.This sport also required very strong men because they had to be able to carry their wives.A good thing with this sport is that the ticket is not expensive at all so everyone is able to watch it.

 There aren't really any problems with this sport the only objection is that if you want to watch a particular couple you'll have to run with them.So you don't need to spend a fortune buying expensive equipment because you don't even need one.

 In my opinion this sport is very exciting and also very funny to watch. But I wouldn't like to take part in it.I think that this sport will continue and in a few years it will take place in much more countries .I definitely recommend you to watch this sport because it's so much fun.


  1. So interesting, Stergie! Do you think Greek people will take to this sport??? If so, we may have some serious... traffic problems!

    See you tomorrow! :)

  2. Stergie, I had never heard of Wife-carrying. Do you think it could one day become popular enough to become an Olympic Sport? I mean we do have curling, and who would have ever though of that!
    Thanks for the information and have a great day at school.
    Mrs. Jacobs

  3. I hope it will some day become an Olympic sport, because it sounds really fun.I am also sorry for not answering earlier.