Monday, August 29, 2011


In this post I will write an article about my favorite teacher.

                                                     The best teacher I have ever had                  

 I've had many teachers in my life.Most of them were good and friendly; however, there were some bad teachers too.But the teacher that stood out for me was my English teacher, Jim Tsigkenis, who taught me a lot of great things.

 The main reason I like this teacher is because of his character.He's thoughtful,friendly and also he is very helpful to us because whenever we need help he's there.He is always patient and waits for us to answer. Even if we don't know the answer, he gives us time to find it out.

Another thing I like about Mr. Tsigenis is what he does in his lessons.He tries to make us understand what he is saying and not just read what the book says.Furthermore, he is making the lesson more interesting by telling jokes once in a while.In addition to that, he asks us to bring information about certain sights in England from the Internet so that we can practice English while we are surfing the internet.

I think Mr. Tsigenis is the best teacher I've ever had and I wish we have lessons with him the next year too.His lessons were very pleasant and fun. I also wish all the teachers were as good as him.

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