Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Writing an essay.

In this post I will be writing an essay about television and its advantages and disadvantages.I will give my opinion for the following sentence.

                             Watching television is a complete waste of time                            

Nowadays, all houses have at least one television.But is television always entertaining?A lot of people like watching TVon the other hand, there are some people that almost never watch TV.

One of the benefits of television is, firstly, that some programs can be educational, such as documentaries, which contain plenty of information about animals and other topics of interest. What is more, television can be amusing when you watch sitcoms and, finally, it can be informative when you watch the news that give you information about the whole world.

However, the TV also has its disadvantages.One of them is that there is violence in some programs, like in crime series and there are also some gory scenes that can sometimes be frightening and disgusting. In addition to that, the TV can be addictive, as many people spend so many hours per day on it that they do not even communicate with their friends.

In conclusion, I think some TV programs can really be entertaining and useful for children and adults, although some other programs can be a waste of time and can also influence people negatively.

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  1. It was a good try, but I am sure you can do even better! Next time try to remember the exact preposition used in each linking phrase (IN addition to) and to avoid repeating the same vocabulary and using short forms.

    Can you copy it on your phrasebook with my corrections?