Sunday, August 7, 2011

A piece of homework.

In this post I will be writing a formal transactional letter (complaint)in which I'm complaining about the accommodation I have received in a hotel where I recently went with my family.

  Dear Sir/Madam

 We are writing to complain about the accommodation we have received at your hotel and also about your brochure which is misleading .

 Firstly, your brochure claimed that there are TVs with satellite TV channels . However, when we turned on the TV, there were only two local channels available and they were not even in English.In addition to this, your brochure claimed that there are luxurious apartments and that they all have fridges. Unfortunately, the fridge was not working; therefore, we could not possibly have cold water in the room.

 Secondly, it was written in your brochure that the hotel is only a few metres away from the beach. Nevertheless, when we arrived at the beach we saw that it was not suitable for swimming, because it was very dirty.To make matters worse, you stated in your brochure that the hotel is minutes away from the town centre, but this is true only if you use the car. So we had to walk to the town centre for almost an hour.

 We believe that  your brochure is definitely misleading and, as a result, we would like a full refund of 700$ because we were not satisfied at all with the accommodation we have received at your hotel.

 We look forward to receiving a prompt reply.

Yours faithfully
Stergios Mavrikakis

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  1. You covered all the points Stergie, but you need to pay attention to how you form your sentences. You should also avoid repeating words. Good try overall! I would give it a 16 since you asked for a specific grade! Read the text again to see the corrections I have made. See you tomorrow! :-)