Thursday, August 4, 2011

An essay about TV


Every family has a television and sometimes more than one. Have you noticed that there is a television in every house? Almost everyone watches TV for more than 2 hours a day. Some people think that the television is not just a waste of time, but it influences all of us in a very bad way, but some others think that it is a helpful and informative invention.

To be honest, some television programs are often very informative, such as the documentaries, the news, and the weather forecasts. Also, some programs can be very amusing, entertaining and funny; for instance, a sitcom called "Friends".

However, there are many disadvantages of the television. Young children, spend a lot of time watching TV and sometimes,the programs which they see are inappropriate for them. Also, the television may be a bad influence on teenagers if it shows beautiful and thin people. There is a very common negative image that the TV shows again and again. Many actors are smokingon stage, so the people who watch them want to start smoking or keep smoking.

Ii conclusion, I believe the television can be a very bad influence, especially on young people, and everyone should watch TV less than two hours a day.

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