Thursday, August 8, 2013




Gergeri is a large village approximately 40 kilometres away from Heraklion. It is near Zaros, Santa Barbara, Nybritos and Panassos. Nearby is the tallest mountain of Crete called Psiloritis. Psiloritis is 39 kilometres away from Gergeri.
If you want to come to Gergeri you should book tickets to Heraklion and then you can come to Gergeri by car, bus or bike. If you are already in Heraklion you mustn't book tickets. As for your accommodation, in the village there are three small hotels fully-equipped. In the village there are supermarkets, kiosks and traditional cafes.
In Gergeri there are many places to visit like the Natural History Museum, the Folklore Museum, churches, the statues of Erotokritos and Aretousa and others. In the Folklore Museum there are local and traditional dresses, rural tools, old objects etc. Also there are fountains and a Bottle Factory called Rouvas. From sources of Gergeri stems in water RouvasGergeri is a traditional village, peaceful, beautiful and picturesque. In the summer the weather is very hot and the water very cold. In winter it rains and snows. The temperature in winter is between 9-0 so the water is colder than in the summer! If you want a nice, peaceful place to stay or visit with your family or alone, this is that place! It will be the experience of your lifetime!

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  1. What an amazing article John! I want to visit Gergeri, you have managed to persuade me!