Sunday, August 25, 2013

A typical dialogue

Marinos:  Hi! My name is Marinos. What's your name?
Mike: My name is Mike.Where are you from?
Marinos: I was born in Heraklion and I have lived here ever since. And you?
Mike: I come from England!                                                                                                       Marinos: Where do you live in England? 
Mike: I live in the capital, London!
Marinos: Do you come from a big family?
Mike: No, I am an only child. What about you?
Marinos:I have a sister. Do you have a pet?
Mike: Yes, I have a dog. His name is Sweet.You?
Marinos: No, but I really want a dog. My parents disagree with me>
Mike: What do you like doing in your free time?
Marinos: I like listening to music. And you?
Mike: I enjoy playing computer games.
Marinos: Do you do any sports?
Mike: Yes, of course! I play football in a team. You?
Marinos: I swim in a swimming pool.
Mike: What is your favorite school subject?
Marinos:I like maths and biology. And what about you?
Mike: I love history, but I hate geography!


  1. Isn't English included in the favourite subjects? Oh nooooo!!!!

  2. He is another unreal "Marinos". PLEASE... You didn't understand this! Oh nooooooo!!!!