Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Danger in the mountains

  If I had realised the danger I would, have never gone on the expedition.We decided to go with my family and friends on an expedition in the mountains.The mountain was off the beaten track,but it was peaceful and beautiful.
  In the evening,my friends and I,John and Marinos,decided to explore the mountain.Our parents told us not to go far away.Well,this promise wasn't successful.We moved on and John found a cave.We thought that it might be dangerous,but we wanted some adventure,so we continued walking through the cave.It was dark, but Marinos had a torch.When we finally got out the cave we saw a thick forest.I said that we shouldn't move on,but the others said that it would be fun,so I followed them.
  I must have walked for 20 minutes after I realised that John and Marinos weren't there.I was running,calling their names,without an answer.I sat under a tree.It was getting dark.Suddenly,I heard voices calling my name.It was Marinos and John.I asked them where the had been and they told that they had been looking for a way to get back to the cave.
  With big effort,we found the cave and we got back at the camp.Our parents were very angry.I was starting to explain to them about our "journey",but Marinos interrupted me and said that we were playing board games behind the big rock for three hours and that's why they couldn't see us.Even if it sounds unbelievable,it worked!It was the experience of a lifetime and our secret,too!


  1. Have Marinos and John read this amazing story in which they also star? :-)

  2. Eva, you have an amazing imagination!:D