Saturday, August 24, 2013

The ideal school: Maria Markaki School

                     Do you want to improve your English ?
                                         Try Markaki 
                                     Language School !

    Markaki Language School is the best choice for you if you want to learn very good English. The school has got big, modern and comfortable classrooms with many happy colours and posters on the walls which can make you feel very interested in english. Also Markaki Language school has got a library, a projector room and a computer classroom where you can communicate with many people from the other countries of the world and do exercises in your e-book to consolidate the grammar of the unit. Markaki's Language School teachers are very kind and helpful because they want to understand the grammar of the unit with the best way. I recommend you Markaki Language School because I believe is the best choice for you.


   We offer classes for everyone, including:   

  •  young children
  • adults
  • teenagers
  • juniors          
   And we offer a friendly service with:     

  •  friendly teachers
  • modern classroms   
  • native speakers  



            Call our office now on 2810224779


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