Sunday, August 4, 2013


  Zagorochoria is a group of villages which are very close to one another.One of the villages is Monodendri which is on the mountain like all the other villages.All the villages are very traditional and all the resorts ,the hotels and the houses there are made of stone.Zagorochoria is near to Ioannina so if you want to escape for a little for the village you can go there and visit modern cafes,pizzerias and restaurants. 
   If you want to go there ,you must book the hotel room for one month earlier because Zagorochoria,
especially in the winter,have a lot of tourists.There you can go by plane.You must take the flight from Heraklion to Ioannina and then you can go to Zagorochoria by bus or by taxi.But if you love adventure,you can take the ship from Heraklion to Athens and then you must go there by car. 
   A negative thing about Zagorochoria is that they haven't got many attractions and sights.But you can go to Ioannina which is near to Zagorochoria and visit Vrelis museums and the lake which is near to Ioannina.In this lake you can take the boat and you can visit a little island which is opposite Ioannina.Also,you couldn't miss the very beautiful cave of Perama. 
   In my opinion,this place is one of the best winter destinations.I'm sure that if you visit this place you will want to visit the rent of the villages again in the winter.

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