Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Markaki school

                                Do you want to improve your English? 
                                            Try Markaki language school!!! 

   Markaki language school is the best way to improve your English. Markaki school has nice classes where you can learn English without feeling bored.The teachers are very kind and very good with children. Also, they have a lot of knowledge. But the best thing which Markaki school has is the computer room and the projector room.

                                              We offer classes for everyone, including: 

                                                      - young children
                                                      - older people
                                                      - young adults
                                                      - juniors

                                                 And we offer a great service with:

                                                     - friendly teachers
                                                     - native teachers of English
                                                     - modern classrooms
                                                     - project  rooms


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  1. Great post, George! Thank you very much for everything you've said!