Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pioneer summer camp!

To: Miss Christina Markoulaki
From: Marinos Varverakis
Subject: Pioneer Summer Camp

   I visited the Pioneer summer camp in order to learn how suitable it would be for a school trip. I spoke to the supervisor and to some children from all around the world about this summer camp. This report presents my findings.

 Facilities, location and accommodation

   The Pioneer summer camp has excellent facilities and visitors can do a large number of activities, including swimming, karate, rock-climbing, windsurfing canoeing, athletics and ather. The children will also be able to compete in these activities to gain confidence. There are basketball, football and volleyball courts, a fully- equipped games-room which means the camp has very good organisation and safety. There children can play tabletennis, pool, darts and chess. There can also have fun and relax with their friends. Moreover, in pioneer summer camp children can improve their English by speaking to their new friends from around the world if they want. Also, there are numerous arts and crafts, such as pottery and painting. Then, there are already several playgrounds for young children. In addition to that, children can enjoy themselves with the appropriate accommodation. The accommodation is renewed every three years. This summer camp is near the sea whith the purpose of doing some environmental activieties.

Staff and cost

  "All instructors and supervisors have to be fully qualified before they come to work" they told us, so children will be able to have fun knowing that they are in totally safe hands at times. Also, the prices are very reasonable, because it costs 50$ per two months. However, the owner informed me that the camp has a special offer for school trips, which would cost 5$ per pupil.

Suggestions and recommendations

  In conclusion, I stronly support having a safe place to go where I can relax with my friends or do some absolutely interesting activities. I would like to suggest visiting the Pioneer summer camp on our next school trip.