Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Markaki Language School

Do you want to improve your English?
Try Markaki Language School
in Heraklion!

Markaki Language School is the best choice for your child.It has three beautiful and comfortable classrooms with happy colours and pictures from London and children's projects on the walls.Also,Markaki has another building which has computers,a library and a room where children present their works to their family and friends.Children here communicate with French students in English to improve their language skills.Markaki School chooses the suitable books for the children.And,as I said,it is the best choice for your child!

We offer classes for everyone,
- young children
- adults

And we offer a friendly service
- friendly teachers
- native speakers
- modern classrooms


  1. What an amazing post, Eve! Thank you very much for your kind words. We have great students, like you, which is why we manage to do good work. See you tomorrow morning! :-)

  2. And we have amazing teachers like you!:-)