Thursday, August 1, 2013



    Patsideros is a beautiful traditional village of Crete. It is near Arcalochori and village Zinta. Patsideros has got many historic attractions that the tourists can visit.
    You can go to Patsideros by car or by bus, but first if you are from another place, out of Crete you have to go by airplane or boat to Heraklion. Then you can go by car or by bus to this beautiful location .
   The attractions that you can visit at the village are the old houses (date back to 1820), the the historic churches and the secret from enemies school  (dates back to 1790). Also you can visit the square of the village, where there are a lot af trees and the streets of the village where there are a lot of traditional houses.
   Patsideros in winter is almost amazing, but there is a small problem: the weather is too bad, as it always snows or rains. The solution to this problem is to stay in a house and look at the view of the snowy trees, streets and mountains . Also, there are traditional cafés where you can drink hot chocolate or anything you want and relax.
   If you visit my lovely village Patsideros I'm sure you will never regret it ! I think it will be a great experience for you all to learn about life in the countryside and stay in a clean and cozy atmosphere .


                                                          The church of  Saint Paraskevi

                                                              The fount of Saint Paraskevi


                                                       Sanit Mary's church and the secret school


                                                                     The secret school


                                                           The church of Archangel Michael

                                                             Other attractions ...







                                                             The square of the village


                                                                 And more ...



  1. This is my wonderful village! :)

  2. It is wonderful, really! I love the way you combined your photographs with the text. A huge bravo, Marinos! 10 million points! :-)

  3. If someone wants more information please ask me.