Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A pizzeria review

   Most of us order pizzas in the evenings when we are with our family or friends.So I went to "Vero Pizzeria" yesterday.I was there with some friends,who had their opinions,too.

   The atmosphere was friendly and welcoming.The staff smiled to us and told us to have a seat.They were very hospitable and friendly,too.The pizzeria was clean and tidy.It wasn't crowded.
   We ordered two pizzas and in seven minutes they were ready.They looked tasty.I thought that maybe I should eat them all.They were delicious and my friends agreed,too.It was great and I think that is a good value for money.

   I would thoroughly recommend the "Vero Pizzeria".The pizzas were amazing,the prises were reasonable and the staff was hospitable.Well done "Vero Pizzeria"!!!!!