Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A tourist poster

                                   ~ COME THERAKLION ~


You will love it in the summer !

Summer in Heraklion is always amazing ! The sun is fantastic, the weather is warm and  the sea too! The beaches here are beautiful and clean . There are many attractions that you can visit here like Knossos palace , Fodele, the church of Saint Minas , the history museum and many more !

And you will love it in winter !

In Heraklion you can do also many exciting activities in the winter like hiking, visit museums and more .If you want you can go to a tavern with your friends or with your  family to have a great time together !

Here are just a few of the fantastic attractions that Heraklion has !

  • Krini Morozini ( Lions square )
  • Knossos palace
  • The church of the Saint Minas
  • History museum


                                                                   The Lions square

                                                                       Knossos Palace

                                                               The church of Saint Minas



                                                                   The History museum


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