Thursday, July 25, 2013

A typical dialogue

                                           A dialogue

Marinos: Hi my name is Marinos . What's  your name ?
John: My name is John , how are you ?
Marinos: I'm fine thanks ! So, where are you from ?
John: Well I was born in Heraklion and I have lived here ever since.
Marinos: Really? Me too ! Do you come from a big family ?
John: Yes , I have got two sisters, Mary and Anna and one brother Nick !
Marinos: You're lucky ! I haven't got any sisters or brothers I'm an only child .Sometimes I feel lonley ...
John: I am not exactly lucky because we always have an argument !
Marinos: Ok, do you have a pet ?
John: Yes, I have  a dog but I want a goldfish !
Marinos: I have got a gold fish and a dog!
John: You're very lucky !
Marinos: Anyway, do you have any hobbies?
John: Yes , I like kick boxing and drawing !
Marinos: And what do you do in your free time?
John: I like going to the park and also going out with friends, you?
Marinos: I like playing computer games and collecting stamps . What is your favourite subject?
John: I love history, do you?
Marinos: Yes, I do but I prefer maths !
John: Ok ! I think we will be great friends !
Marinos: So do I ! See you!
John: Bye !
Marinos: Bye!