Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The perfect Heraklion

                                                  Come to Heraklion 

                        You'll love it in the summer  

    There are a lot of perfect beaches near the Heraklion which you can swim.Also in the summer at 
      different places in Heraklion like Hersonisos where you will find beach bars,restaurants near to the sea 
      and a lot of souvenir shops which you can find a lot of cretan products.Don't forget to visit our water 
                               And you'll love it in the winter   

      In Heraklion you can find a lot of museums and Historical places like the castle Koule ,the history 
      museum and the most important the Knossos Palace. 
                    Here are a few of the fantastic Attractions that Heraklion has! 

      The Knossos Palace. 
      The History museum of crete. 
      The castle Koule 
      The lions square

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