Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pioneer Summer Camp

To:Miss Christina Markoulaki
From:Eva Chrisostomaki
Subject:Pioneer Summer Camp

I visited the Pioneer Summer Camp in order to learn how suitable it would be for a school trip.I spoke to the staff and to the children.This report presents my findings.

Facilities,Location and Accommodation
The Pioneer Summer Camp has excellent facilities and children can do a large number of sports and play many games.Children can choose from over 25 different activities,including swimming, karate, windsurfing, football,tennis and more.They can also play fully-equipped games such as table tennis and pool.It has great rooms to stay and it is near a beautiful forest and a peaceful sea.

Staff and Cost
The staff here is very friendly and welcoming.The instructors and the supervisors are fully qualified and they have lots of experience,so children can find a friendly ear when they have problems.The price for a school trip is reasonable.The manager informed me that the camp has a special offer for school groups.It will cost £5 per pupil.

Suggestions and Recommendations
In conclusion,I would like to suggest a school trip to the Pioneer Summer Camp.It has excellent activities and I am sure the pupils will have fun.