Sunday, July 28, 2013

an article


Dear Editor,

       I recently read an article in your newspaper about pop music. The writer critized the singers and I would like you to
permit me to disagree with her.


      To begin with, I believe that this music is very interesting for teenagers. They find a really ecxiting thing to do. In addition, the lyrics make the mind of teenagers more active because they sometimes learn some of he songs.  


            Moreover, I thing that some bands play excellent musical instrumets. Then, I believe that the gap between live music and the music created on a computer is not too big if we think that technology evolves. Also, many famous pop singers have offered money to many poor people and some of them have funded public buildings. Finally, I think that lots of pop musicians take big risks with new style and this is a fact which needs lots of effort.

      In conclusion, I would like to say that our generation includes young, talented and hard - working pop musicians.                        


                         Yours faithfully,

      Marinos Varverakis

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