Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pizzeria ''Jean''

    Pizzeria Jean 

Most of us in Heraklion have eaten at the Pizzeria ''Jean''. Some of us have been going there regularly for years! The owner Giannis Mathioudakis is a very friendly person. I went along to find out the Pizzeria.
        There is a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. Giannis is dedicated and hospitable.There is always a smile on his face!!! The restaurant is beautifully decorated, clean, tidy and It fells like a place you want to eat in.
         The food is delicious, very tasty and smells great. The service is very fast and the staff is enthusiastic!!! The prices are cheap, reasonable and good value for money !!!
         I would thoroughly recommend the Pizzeria ''Jean'' to anyone who wants healthy, excellent food in very good prices with vegeterian dishes!!! Congratulations Giannis!!! 

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