Sunday, July 28, 2013

A tourist poster

              COME TO HERAKLION!

    You'll love it in the summer!

        If you want a place where you can make fun in the summer, Heraklion is this place! First, there are lots of clean and warm beaches near the city in which you can swim. Also, the  weather is wonderful. There you can do a lot of summer activities.
       And you'll love it in the winter!

       In Heraklion, it doesn't usuall snow, but sometimes it rains. The visitors can find lots of museums and Historical ruins. Also, you can visit the Cretan aquarium because there you will meet some beautiful species! 

Here are just a few of fantastic attractions that Heraklion has!

  • The castle koule
  • The Knossos, Phestos palace
  • The Samarias Gorge
  • The Creta aquarium