Sunday, July 28, 2013


          After we'd finished the project on the environment at school, I knew I had to start RECYCLING. To begin with in this lesson I learned that plastic isn't a natural thing and needs million years to be destroyed. Also, some plastics give off dangerous gases whenyou burn them. For this reason, wehave to RECYCLE this materials. Moreover, learned that paper is made of wood and people cut down many trees which results in big destructions, for instance floods, less oxygen and of course the destruction of the rainforests. Before the project, I used to throw away all the rubbish in a green bin without RECYCLING anything, whereas now I care where I throw it away. 
          I have decided to RECYCLE paper, plastic bags and glass in a different bin. Also, I REUSE plastic bags and usually I use recycling bags. Then, I use paper very carefully. Moreover, I suggest to my friends and of course to my family to support this effort.

        RECYCLING I think, is a bit difficult because it needs careful work and very big organisation,but I achieved my purpose and I feel very proud of what, we'd achieved and very glad I'd been able to help. Also, this success made me more enthusiastic and absolutely excited.

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