Monday, July 7, 2014

~The best place for a day out~

Dear Editor,

I am writing to nomimate "TALOS Plaza" for the best place for a day out.

"TALOS Plaza" has been inspired from the better known department store called "Mall", in Athens. The great thing about it, is that it is situated in front of the sea, so you will have a spectacular view of the sea and the atmosphere is magic and clear. Every year, this place is visited by a lot of people, especially adolescents and middle-aged people. "TALOS Plaza" has a wide range of different kinds of shops. There are some shops, where you can find clothes, shoes and bags. In these shops, apart from clothe stuff you will also find some jewellery and make-up stuff. Moreover, there is a huge shop where you can find necklaces and beads, make your own necklace and be sure your creativity will automatically increase d. I was impressed when I first saw it. However, these are not the only things you can do there. There are some cafes, fast-food and traditional restaurants, a "game" room for the video games lovers and many other facilities.

When we decided with my friends to spend our day in "TALOS Plaza", it was absolutely fascinating! I have to say, that it was one of the best decisions we have ever taken.First, we saw a movie at the cinema, then we went to the "game room" and played some games. After that, we went to the beach in front of "TALOS Plaza". Then, we went back and ate at one of its restaurants and finally we went to a cafe. The girls and I were looking at the shops all the time, so the the boys let us to take a look at all shops. However, the did not come with us. They sat at the "Sports Cafe" and they were watching football matches and playing some games until we finished. It was a day out we particulary enjoyed.

To sum up, "TALOS Plaza" is a brilliant place for a day out and I recommend it to anyone. I hope this place wins the competition.

Yours faithfully,
Vasiliki Tziraki

Comments: Fantastic letter, Vassilikoula! The only (small) problem seems to be that you sound too informal even though it is a letter to the editor of a newspaper. We'll discuss more tomorrow. Great blog post, as usual!

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