Thursday, July 3, 2014

~Superhero Database: Superheroes, Villains, Teams and Superpowers~

Hello dear readers, 
Yesterday, I visited and English website about superheroes called "Superhero Database", and I would like to inform you about this fascinating website and show you some things I found there.

 In this site, you can find an enormous list of superheroes or find some information about your favourite superhero just by putting his name into a gap. For example, my favourite superheroes are"Batman", "Superman"and "Spiderman". 

 In Batman's section I found his Powerstats, his Biography, his Appearance, his Work, and his Relations. This really helped me to understand better who "Batman" is and understand better his stories too.
 In this site, you can also compare three heroes. For example I compared Batman, Superman and Spiderman. The results were clear. The winner was Superman, with a big power difference. So, congratulations to Superman. You ca go and compare every hero you want!
 An other thing you can find in this website, is all the superheroes' teams! Is it amazing, isn't it? I found so many popular and unpopoular superheroes' teams. For example: "Legion of Super-Heroes", "X-men" e.t.c
 Something that amazed me a lot yesterday was the list of all the superpowers! This list has all the superpowers in an alphabetical order and it explains you what's the meaning of the superpower you chose. I chose "flight" and that's what I was informed:Flight is an extremely common power used for transporation, allowing he user to lift off the ground and fly throygh the air. Like many common superpowers, flight was first popularized by Superman.
 If you look down the meaning, you will se a list of all the superheroes who can fly.

This site has also a forum, where you can make a topic and discuss about your favourite superhero, or some questions you might have.

Finally, in the site, there's a huge galleru where you can see superhero images. 



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