Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bullying to teachers!

                                                Stop bullying!

    Bullying is an inhumane act that is in common everywhere. These days, bullying has got many forms, but I would like to focus on the not enough commonly reported fact that teachers are bullied.
 To begin with, teachers may be the victims of bullying when the students cause sadness and distress to them. This is why their behaviour is disruptive in which students seize power in class.
We must say...
   In addition to that, teachers are bullied by students due to the bullying that students cause to their teachers about the passing to exams. Sometimes, students destroy teacher's property as well as verbal abuse. Furthermore, students publish web postings in which anyone can say anything whether is true or not. And last but not least, teachers are also victims of bullying by other teachers.
    On balance, many teachers are victims of bullying by students or other teachers. So, me must protest about their bad working conditions. And we mustn't serve as an example for the people who are bullies and we must avoid and face up to the bullying in all forms of it, by all means. 


  1. Wow, what an interesting article Marinos! It turns out that blogging gives you loads of inspiration! Well done!

  2. See what poor teachers go through... :)