Saturday, July 26, 2014

~Talking about music on skype with Patricia Johnston: My impressions~

 A few days ago, we had the opportunity to discuss with the musician, artist manager and company director Patricia Johnston about her job and ask her some questions we might had. It was an amazing experience. Not many people have the opportunity to communicate live with other people from different countries and speak English with them. A big thanks to Ms. Christina Markoulaki who managed this "meet up". 

 Patricia answered to all of our questions and she told us some things about her job. She also introduced us some mucisians who personally, I really liked. 

 First, she introduced us Gilad Hekselman, a young talented guitarist, who is specialised in jazz music. Here's a site where you can find some useful information about Gilad's Summer Tours 2014, a photo gallery with some photos of Gilad, download some Gilad's songs e.t.c. Gilad Hekselman PRESS HERE TO VISIT THE SITE. My favourite Gilad's song is Gilad Hekselman- This Just In.

When we asked Patricia what her favourite kind of music was, ahe told us that liked all kinds of music but she loved listening to folk music. She mentioned us one of her favourite musicians Mory Kante. Mory Kante is a famous West African musician, best known internationally for his 1987 hit song "Ye ke ye ke".

 She also mentioned us Line Kruse, a danish violinist and composer who is famous worldwide. Every year she performs all over the world and she has a lot of fans. Here's a site where you can find every thing you would like to know about Line. Line Kruse PRESS HERE TO VISIT THE SITE.

 My favourite part of this duscussion was when Patricia told us about the kids music factory she runs. Almost everyone love kids music. Personally I adore it. I think it's so cute! So, she runs a kids music factory with songs obviously for kids. When we were younger, we used to sing these songs with Ms. Markoulaki and they helped us to improve our English. Here's the kids music factory site:


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  1. Amazing posts by the girls' team! I will send the link to Patricia straighaway!