Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Japanese Anime!

   People could say that cartoons are like animes.They look the same and they have a lot of diferent episodes.Today I'm going to talk about an anime Called Fairy-Tail.Fairy-Tail is is in my opinion the best anime.Fairy-Tail's plot is about wizards and dragonslayers that grow and become stronger and stronger.Most of the wizards in this world called Fiore are in a guild.Guild is a group of usualy powerful wizards that are gathered together to train and make their guild the most powerful in Fiore.Wizards could have diferent kinds of magic from each other or maybe the same sometimes.On the other hand, Dragonslayers are more rare.They are supposed to have been trained by dragons when they were kids and they have now the ability to use the dragon's magic.There are a lot of different kinds of dragons and every dragonslayer has the magic of the dragon that trained him.

  In the video below you can see four dragonslayers fighting each other.They are two from the Fairy-Tail guild and two from the SaberTooth guild.The first one from the Fairy-Tail guild, the fire dragonslayer is Natsu.The second one is Gajeel the iron dragonslayer. At the other side, SaberTooth's first dragonslayer is Sting, a white dragonslayer.And the second one is Rogue, a shadow dragonslayer.

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  1. Wow Tilemahos, I really like the whole description here! I am so enthusiastic that I am dying to watch all the series! Any other suggestions for YouTube videos you can make?