Monday, July 7, 2014

The best place for a day out.

Dear Editor,

I am writing to nominate Agia Galini as the best place to go for a day out.


Second paragraph: general information about the place---> where is it? What can you do there?

Agia Galini has some really beautiful beaches and hotels to stay in and it is definitely worth going! (You used present simple and now past simple, why?) The sea there was gorgeous and peaceful.It was the best place to calm down and relax.We were also impressed with the food!In the hotel we were staying the food was brilliant and we enjoyed every single delicious piece of it! Another aspect of the visit that we particularly enjoyed was the rooms and the people!Our rooms were big and clean and the people were so kind and helpful that we were feeling like home.

All in all, Agia Galini is, (comma) in my point of view, (comma) is the best place to go on a day out.I think that you will relax and feel peaceful and that is what everybody wants for a day out.That is why I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

Yours faithfully,
Tilemahos Kastrinakis.


Comments: That is an amazing text Tilemachos, full of new words and phrases, but why has paragraph two disappeared? :-) Be careful with the paragraph plan and be ready for more blogging adventures!


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