Monday, July 28, 2014

My impressions of a conversation on Skype with Patricia Johnston

    A few days ago we had a really nice conversation with Patricia Johnston.Patricia Johnston loves music and plays instruments as well.But Patricia Johnston is running her own music company, so she was able to tell us a few things about her company and some briliant musicians she cooperates with.After our nice conversation we all knew some new things about her company and music.

   Patricia told us that she was making music for kids!The music she makes for kids is briliant.When we was kids we were singing this music from our books without even know it was made by her company.



  She also told us about some really good musicians she is cooperating with.One of them is Gilad Hekselman, a young talented musician which is playing the guitar really well.Gilad Hekselman is mostly playing Jazz music which is another kind of music that Patricia likes a lot.I love jazz music too!


   After a little while Patricia told us was that her favourite kind of music is folk music.She recomended us one of  her favourite musicians Mory Kante. Mory Kante is a famous African musician.He is really talented and i like his songs too!


     And the last thing Patricia told us was a talented violinist from Denmark called Line Kruse.Line Kruse is famous worldwide.She has a lot of fans all over the world and she has made a lot of songs.


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