Sunday, July 6, 2014

~Saint Pelagia~

Dear editor,

I am writing to nominate Saint Pelagia for the best place for a  day out near Heraklion of Crete.

Saint Pelagia is a beautiful place to spend a day out or the summer holidays.It has got awesome beaches where a lot of activities can be done such as swimming or windsurfing if there is wind.The sea's water has a magical colour-a mix between light blue and green!It's wonderful.In Saint Pelagia,there are also a lot of restaurants which are always open to welcome customers who want to taste the delicious,traditional or not,dishes of Saint Pelagia.There are also a lot of cafeterias which are open for all the duration of day.Moreover,there are some night clubs,which are open at night and where the adolescents have fun.In Saint Pelagia,some shops can be found where  you can buy whatever you want.There are also some souvenir shops and a supermarket which is open all day.There are a lot of hotels and appartments,too!Finally,in Saint Pelagia there is a small cloister which is really a beauty spot!Nearby Saint Pelagia,there are some historical attractions,too.

When I first visited Saint Pelagia,I got amazed thanks to its natural beauty!I did a lot of things there:I swam into the splendid beaches,I tasted traditional dishes especially seafood,I played rackets in the sand and I visited the cloister,which was really amazing.In my opinion,it was a lovely experience and since then each year,especially in the summer,I visit Saint Pelagia.

All things considered,it's an extraordinary place for a day out and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

Yours faithfully,

Androulaki Sofia

Γαλλικό άρωμα… στην Αγία Πελαγία απόψε

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  1. Hello ! We are French and we love the photo. It is beautiful.