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   Numerous experiments, which  have been conducted by scientists and researchers, have shown that it is impossible for a human being not to have a friend. Friends are always honest and turn to each other at the happiest, or grumpiest moments. But there is an other kind of friend that is more loyal and four-legged! So, we are going to talk about pets!

   The most popular ones are actually dogs. They have been given the nickname "man's best friend", because they are always loyal to their owners and never disobedient (or maybe yes, at the first stage of adoption). Apart from companionship, dogs are being used as hunters, guards  etc.That's because of their ability to smell, see and  hear better than us.In other words, because they have more "developed" senses, as mammals.

Here are some stories:

Friends for ever!
  Although I really don't want to become tiring and although I am bursting into tears at the moment, I would really like to recite this amazing story only in a very few words. We have all heard about the touching story of Hachiko, a very affectionate Akita, which always hoped that its owner would appear at the train station, something that never happened. So, the very loyal dog sat at its usual  sit and waited non-stopping for its dead owner to come back as it commonly did. And we all know the dramatic end, though  Hachi became a great symbol in Japan. 

Dogs in alert!
  This scene happened a few weeks ago, here in Heraklion. An owner of two German Shepherd  dogs, who went on vocation, begged a neighbour to feed his huge and protective dogs. He agreed, but as he was afraid of them, he was putting their food from a passage. The first two days they were picking their food as planned, but the other days only one of them was coming. The worried neighbour called the owner, who immediately called the security system office to learn what was going on. Here's the thing: a thief had broken into his house and never left it, because the two dogs were "taking care" of him and were feeding themselves  by shifts.  So, the thief ready to be arrested, was safe and sound as well as the house.

From these examples, we can clearly see that dogs have emotions as humans and if that's not enough for you, I have a personal experience to share. One day, when I was extremely sad and crying, my dog came close to me and started barking in a depressing way something like crying but without tears! Nevertheless, what we all have to pay attention to is the fact that we have to treat them not with cruelty, but with love and affection, because they would never, ever leave as on the roads as we do!!!!   

Thank you for reading, 
Marina Konstantinou!


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  1. Very touching and interesting stories Marina! Keep blogging so passionately! Well done!