Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Internet and social networking

   Everybody now is using the computer. Peοple have at least one kind of new technology at home or in their working place. But is the interet and social networking safe?
   To begin with, children and especially teenagers spend too many hours in front of the computer screen. That might damage their eyes or cause them to have some other health problems. Also, the passionate net users might be unsociable because they spend most of their time chatting than talking to other people outside. They "become" part of the computer and they may lose their real friends. Their parents advise their children to stop, but they only thing that they succeed in is to make their children angry with them.
   However, the internet has its bright side. For example, some children cannot express their feelings face to face and chatting with friends is a way to achieve that. Moreover, (comma) they can look up for information and improve their language. Every person wants to keep up with everyone's news and that's why they turn to the social networking places.
   Taking all this into consideration, I think that parents should let their children be at (use) the computer for some hours because it is good to talk with their friends or learn new things by surfing on the internet. It must be noted that children and teenagers must be responsible so that they will prevent avoid health problems or losing their real friends.

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  1. Fantastic responce, Evoula! I totally agree with your ideas and perspective.