Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Meeting Patricia

 A few days ago our English class had the great apportunity to interview Patricia Johnston! She's an American woman who leaves in France. She's a very talented musician and a lyrics writter, too! Her job is music company and also managing young talents and also older ones. She also plays the violin at high level notes. For us it was a very good experience not just to improve our English speaking ,but also to talk to a person from another country who's also a professional artist. Patricia also loves jazz anf mostly folk music  which I don't really like, but in my opinion it's the kind of music that she can express herself! 

By the time we were little kids, at our English shcool we are used to doing a celebration at the end of the school season where we are given some roles to play and also at the end of it we sing a song. Well 7 years ago our English teacher chose a fantastic song for kids and it turned out that it was written by Patricia Johnston! Seven years from then and I still remember most of the lyrics, because some things are just unforgettable! That was all from me. I'm sorry that I can't tell you about the artists that Patricia manages , because I couldn't find them and I finally wanted to tell Patricia to keep on doing what she does. You do a great job Patty,good luck! 

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  1. You can find info about the artists Patricia mentioned here: http://bitsandpieces-english.blogspot.gr/2014/07/talking-about-music-on-skype.html?m=1