Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My secondary Hobby

First of all, my second Hobby that I do when I have free time is doing freestyle with a football. It involes hitting the ball as many times as possible , not letting it fall down and of course do some tricks with it in mid-air! I ussually practise at my neighbourhood and sometimes home. Also you don't need a lot of space for that.When I'm doing it i don't want anyone to interrupt me, because you lose control and of course the ball will fall down.The most fantastic thing is the feeling when you can finally be able to complete a new trick which it's very difficult and that you've managed to do it after a lot of effort. I used to do some easy tricks about 3-4 years ago but the last 3 months I've been practising to learn some new skills. It also helps me with football! The inspiration that led me to do that was my main hobby of course. It was football and some youtube videos as well! I do it about 3-4 times a week and I'm getting better day by day , but I'm still  at the semi-begginer level. My freestyle idols are two! The first one is Andrew Hederson who's from England and also he's the world's champion best freestyler in the air freestyle. The other one is Sean Garnier from France who's the panna master!I've managed to learn some new tricks from some tutorials at the Youtube, but still I want to get better and someday make my own Youtube videos!

Here are some videos about Andrew Hederson and Sean Garnier:


  1. Hello Christian, We are Tom and Baptiste from LBD school in France.
    We like these videos because we love freestyle.
    Tom speaking: my favourite clubs are Manchester United (MU) and Olympique Lyonnais. My favourite players are Angel Di Maria and Alexandre Lacazette.
    Baptiste speaking : Metz and Liverpool my favorite players are Mamadou SAKHO!!!! , Alexandre Lacazette and Neymar ☺

  2. Hello Christian, we are Arthur and Thomas from LBD school in France. :)
    We like these videos because we love football.
    Arthur speaking: my favourite club is Metz in a ligue 1 in France.
    Thomas speaking : My favourite club is Paris-Saint Germain. (PSG)
    We play football in a club.
    Arthur plays football in Thierville.
    Thomas plays football in Dieue.
    Arthur: My favourite player is Franck RIBERY !!
    Thomas : My favourite player is Zlatan Ibramovich.

  3. Hello ! It's very very good !!! :)

  4. Hello !
    They are really good !!! :)

  5. These 2 videos are amazing.
    If you'd like to see another freestyle video about Séan Garnier, dressed as an old man, here is the link:
    Enjoy !

  6. We thank you for all your wonderful comments! The second freestyle video Mrs Lebeau suggests is also impressive. Christian will answer soon, as well.

  7. Thank you very much for your comments guys!! I've already seen the video you sent me :)

  8. Florent (8 years old today !) from Verdun, FranceNovember 20, 2014 at 9:01 PM

    Cool !

  9. The video is very funny !